The production and provision of electronic books (e-books) is growing. The advantages are that you can access a book when the paper copies are all on loan from the library. Below is a list of Life Sciences e-books that the Library currently subscribes to and that are available via the Library Catalogue. The catalogue record also highlights if there are any usage restrictions, e.g. a restricted number of users at any one time, etc. Just click on the title of the e-book below to be taken to the catalogue record for that item, and then click on the URL within the record to go to the e-book.

Please note: all publishers work a little differently, and navigating around each website may be different too – the best thing is to read the webpage and look for helpful links like ‘view content’ or ‘view this book’.

All the titles listed above are individually catalogued on the Library catalogue and are also listed alphabetically by title within the Databases and e-books A-Z List on the Library website.

For off-campus access please see information regarding the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and passwords on the Library website.

For further information about how to find print versions of books, please see the Finding Books section of this blog.

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