Posted by: Debbie | September 1, 2011

Graduate School lunchtime lecture: Doing Science in the Open

There is no need to register in advance to attend the lecture – please just come along! Seats will be allocated on a first come basis. The lecture is on Monday 5th September 2011 starting at 1pm, and will be in the Pippard Lecture Theatre (5th Floor Sherfield Building).

About the lecture

The Graduate Schools are pleased to be able to host this guest lecture by Michael Nielsen. The net is transforming many aspects of our society, from finance to friendship. And yet scientists, who helped create the net, are extremely conservative in how they use it. Although the net has great potential to transform science, most scientists remain stuck in a centuries-old system for the construction of knowledge. Michael will describe some leading-edge projects that show how online tools can radically change and improve science (using projects in Mathematics and Citizen Science as examples), and will then go on to discuss why these tools haven’t spread to all corners of science, and how that can be changed.

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