Posted by: purplepaula1 | August 19, 2009

‘exemplar words in context’ online resource

exemplarexemplar from Springer has been developed in conjunction with the Centre for Biomedical Health Linguistics as an online resource that allows you to see how a particular term or phrase is used in peer-reviewed published literature. The resource is currently in the beta phase of its development, and is already a powerful tool which is simple to use.

The simple search boxes allow you to either type in the free text box, select from the subject list, or the select from the journal list. Entries are retrieved in a simple list with clickable links to the actual articles/bibliographic details where your search terms appear. The results screen also produces some interesting statistics for your search, such as:

  •  the number of uses per year of your search term – which can be very interesting to track the popularity of a subject area over time
  • the number of times your search term appears in different subject areas
  • the number of times your search term has been used in peer-reviewed publications by country
  • the number of times your search term has appeared in different journals

As you can see, this information can prove very useful for informing how and where a subject’s popularity has developed, and also highlights useful journals for literature searches.

Please be aware that although Imperial College London Library subscribes to a wealth of e-journals there will be some journals that do not link to the full text and you will need to discuss the best way of accessing these with the library. Please also remember that e-journal access is easier off campus via the VPN.


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