Posted by: purplepaula1 | February 26, 2009

Entomology Australia

entomology-australiaThe Entomology Australia website is deveoted to raising the profile of entomological education in Australia, and was initiated to complement the development of entomological courses for higher educatin. The site acts as a portal to accessing information about insects in education at all levels from primary to postgraduate. Their aim is to act as a centre-point for discussion of educational topics and news about insects. The site also provides links to professional societies, the corporate sector and educational institutions.

An excellent site which includes an area called ‘Ask an Entomologist’ where you can email queries to Dr David Merritt from the University of Queensland. This area also features a handy identification key for insect orders.



  1. While attending the University of Idaho, we actually reared Austrailian walking sticks on a diet of blackberry leaves. Do you know of any studies that have been done with Austrailian walking sticks regarding biological control of pest plants suck as blackberry?


  2. What you are doing is wonderful! I wish you great success on your blog!

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