Posted by: purplepaula1 | February 16, 2009

TicTOCs – free journal table of contents service

tictocsTicTOCs is a free table of contents service from JISC allowing you to see the tables of contents of numerous journals, including: Nature, Advances in Cell Biology, New England Journal of Medicine, amoung many, many more.

At a basic level you can search for a journal and view its table of contents; meaning you don’t have to read the full text of each item – but can keep abreast of the newly published items.

Register with TicTOCs and sign up to receive regular RSS feeds from your favourite journals. You can also export the feed into your regular feedreader. But don’t worry if all this talk of RSS feedreaders is confusing you, you can just link straight to the ToC for the journal you like.

As a final tip, it’s possible to export bibliographic references to RefWorks – very handy!  For further information on these top tips for using TicTOCs see ‘Six ways to use TicTOCs, the free journal tables of contents service’  by Roddy MacLeod.



  1. Thank you for mentioning ticTOCs

  2. […] Eye View also wrote about ticTOCs, as did Jon Fletcher at Info Sci LLR Update, BiblioNews, Life Sciences Info @ Imperial College London Library and Science & Engineering News.  Robot Librarian was pleased with the text file of […]

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